Cedarwood barrel saunas

Our cedarwood barrel saunas are made using only top grade clear Canadian Western Red Cedar. Sauna benefits have long been known throughout Scandinavia and other European cultures. In fact, saunas are so popular in Finland that there is said to be more saunas than there are cars!

What are the benfits of saunas?

– Soothes and relaxes tired muscles
– Helps to relieve mental fatigue
– Relieves tension and stress
– Provides a cardiovascular workout and helps to condition the heart
– Increases metabolic rate
– Improves circulation
– Provides temporary relief for arthritic pain
– Promotes healing and releases natural pain killers, beta endorphins and norepinephrines
– Increases resistance to illness and naturally reduces toxins
– Burns as many as 300 calories during a normal sauna session
– Helps maintain clear, healthy skin, and provides an after glow of a rosy complexion
– Promotes a wonderful feeling of well being and a total body experience that no bath can duplicate
– Adds luxury and value to your home

More information coming soon