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Gilpin Gardens is a UK distributor of Northern Lights cedar hot tubs and saunas, who combine traditional cooperage (barrel making) with modern technology to produce some of the world's finest cedar hot tubs and saunas. Working with Ben Cunliffe Architects we also provide garden landscaping and design services.

Cedarwood Hot TubTraditional barrel making is combined with modern manufacturing technologies to produce one of the world's finest cedar hot tubs. All of the tubs are made with classic design and simplicity, using only Clear Western Red Cedar. It has a lovely aromatic and soothing scent, and its fibrous structure makes it the ideal wood for water tightness, as well as giving it one of the highest insulating values of most common wood.

We take the time-tested art of barrel making to extreme accuracies including Computer Aided Milling and Computer Aided Design. Working within tolerances of 1/64", our state of the art Laser Guided Milling guarantees 100% accuracies. Our Quality Inspection program, results in a finished product that exceeds ours' and our customers' high standards.

Cedarwood Hot TubsThe cedar tubs have all the amenities of modern plastic spas (see our product specifications) including 2-stage pumps, electric digital spa packs, LCD spa controls, filter system, jets, and other options such as ozonators and digital top side control units.

What makes a cedar tub stand out, compared to other spas, is the ambience and aromatherapy that can only come from a natural wooden tub. Our tubs are almost 44" deep (48" high), which provides a unique buoyancy/floating effect. Combined with state of the art jets systems and the aroma of Western Red Cedar, the experience and pleasure of our wooden tubs is hard to beat!

There are a myriad of health benefits associated with warm water therapy – not least soothing the stresses of life away... and of course the sociability factor – relax in your hot tub and catch up with friends and family, after a barbeque perhaps, or late in the evening under a blanket of stars.

Gilpin Lodge Hotel in the Lake District – garden suites with hot tubs

There are a myriad of health benefits associated with warm water therapy - not least soothing the stresses of life away... If you would like to test this in the ultimate relaxing environment (and with a Michelin starred dinner), perhaps venture to the Lake District and spend a night at Gilpin Lodge in one of the sumptuous Garden Suites, where guests have hot tubs in their own gardens.