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Frequently asked questions

What sort of maintenance is required?

Weekly monitoring of the chemical level should be performed. If the tub has been stained, this should be repeated annually to keep the rich color from fading caused by the elements. Some customers choose to allow the cedar to naturally 'grey'. This is accomplished by allowing the cedar to be exposed to the elements without any protection.

How long will it take to assemble my tub?

The tub typically takes 1-3 hours to assemble, with the seats requiring an additional 1-2 hours. The Plumbing of a tub will take an additional 3-4 hours. Typically this is a weekend project. Time required to construct a foundation should also be budgeted. Gilpin Gardens can also assemble the tub for you.

What is a safe temperature for my hot tub?

Typically most people feel that 37 - 39 C (98 - 103 Fahrenheit) is a comfortable temperature, however, we recommend you contact your doctor to determine if a hot tub is safe for your given health condition.

How long will it take to heat my hot tub?

This depends on the volume of water being heated, and the power of the heater; the starting water temperature also plays a role.. Typically it takes less than 12 hours to bring the tub to full temperature with an electrical system. A wood fired Chofu system can heat a tub in as little as 2-4 hours.

My tub gets full of foam, especially when the pump is on high.

Laundry detergent residue found on bathing clothes will cause bubbles to be formed. Adding a chemical called foam inhibitor will get rid of this problem.

My dispenser ran out of chlorine and the water is murky.

If it is caught soon enough, Spa Shock can often revive the water. Spa shock is a high concentration of chlorine that instantly boosts the level. One should wait at least one hour before entering the tub after it has been shocked. If it is too cloudy it is best to drain the tub and add fresh water. A weekly inspection of the puck dispenser will eliminate running out of chlorine.

What is the air vent for?

The air vent adds bubbles to the jets giving a more intense massage. However, because it adds cold air to the water, it should be shut off when the tub is not being used.

What are the differences between plastic tubs and your cedar tubs?

Experience! Our tubs are 43 inches deep, providing a unique soaking effect that is not available in shallow plastic spas. The aromatic smell of cedar coupled with the relaxing soak, and therapeutic massage provides a unique experience.

Cedar is in fact naturally resilient to decay. It's rich oils give cedar the lifespan it is famous for. Cleaning is the same as most plastic tubs. Typically a light scrub brush with a diluted solution of liquid bleach works well.

Is a wood tub less healthy then a plastic tub?

In 1993 the Food Research Institute at the University of Wisconsin conducted tests to compare wood surfaces of cutting boards with the plastic equivalents. The assumption was wood would absorb the juices and become a hot-bed of disease. In other words, plastic would be safer. This wasn't the case. Seven species of wood and four types of plastic were tested. All were intentionally contaminated with E-Coli, Listeria and Salmonella. To everyone's surprise, the bacteria were killed within 3 minutes of touching the wood surface. This was not the case with the plastic surfaces.

What do I need to do for a foundation?

A level surface using gravel and patio blocks is sufficient. The area of this pad depends on the size of the tub. We do not recommend placing a tub directly on a deck without consulting a structural carpenter to make sure the deck is properly reinforce to with stand such a weight load.

How powerful are your jets? Some companies advertise 80+ jets? How important is Horsepower when selecting a pump?

It is not so much horse power you are looking for. Our base 4 jet system comes standard with 2 inch discharge holes, and 1 1/2 HP power, with a true 1 1/2 HP impeller. On our 6 jet system the size is a true 2 HP with 2 inch discharge. What is more important is the flow per minute the pump produces which has nothing to do with horse power, rather impeller size.

Flow is the most important factor for jet operations. We use high flow jets made for wood hot tubs. A pump must be able to deliver the total flow that all the jets need and produce the necessary pressure to create that flow. we need more flow and more pressure as we go from 4 to 6 to 8 jets, and we do this by switching to different pumps with different (larger) impellers and different horsepower motors (1-1/2 , 2 and 3HP respectively). Once we get up to our maximum for 10 jets we still stay with a 3 HP pump but also slightly reduce the orifice size in the jets and increase piping size and fittings to 2 inch from 1-1/2 inch in order to ensure sufficient pressure remains for the jets and is not all lost in the piping. We also decrease the orifice size for 8 jet systems and switch to 2 inch piping if there is more than aft between the hot tub and the pump unit.

In today's spa market, companies are completing on the number of jets. A 2 HP pump powering 60 jets will not be anywhere near as powerful of a massage as the same pump powering 6 jets . The total flow rate of the 60 jets is the same as that of the 6 jets, meaning each jet has a much smaller orifice ( hole ) size . HP can also be a marketing gimmick . For example a 2 HP pump can be fitted with a 5 HP motor, but still not produce more than 2 HP. A properly matched pump that produces the flow required by the jet is what you are looking for. Jet companies rate their jets in gallon per minute of flow @ a specific psi of pressure. For example 13 GPM @12psi. If you have a 4 jets each requiring 13 gallons per minute then your pump must be capable of delivering 52 gallons per minute and also produce sufficient pressure so that there is still 12 psi left for the jets after the pressure drop losses in the piping and components are factored in.

We design our tubs to be simple yet effective. The most jets we have is a 10 jet system with all high flow components including 3 suctions and a 3 HP motor. HP is not the same as flow therefore if you double your jets to say 8, and double the HP to 3, the pressure on the jets will not be the same . You need to do more such as widen the piping to 2 inch and include more suctions to have a similar effect.